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Coppell—The Cozby Library in Coppell hosted their annual CozbyCon event over Zoom on Saturday, May 8. The event included several activities including a drawing class, trivia game, a lesson on creating Dungeons and Dragons characters, a writing class, and Queen Elsa read a princess story.

CozbyCon was well attended by many young and enthusiastic comic lovers.

Artist Halo Toons from Shonuff Studio showed the audience how to draw a comic called, “The Day the Ice Cream Ran Out.” She encouraged the audience to draw their own comic along with her.

“This is for fun. Say it’s raining outside and you don’t have anything to do, so you’re like, ‘Let’s make our own comic today.’

“You don’t have to want to be a comic artist or creator when you get older. You can make a comic for fun with your friends. Me and my friends used to do that back in the day and not a lot of them are comic creators. I am, but they went on to do other things like being doctors and whatnot.”

Comic writer Brian Delaney spoke about writing comics. Delaney is currently working on ‘Dochas Birth of the Dragon Conqueror,’ a book about a teenage girl who can slay dragons. Using Docha as an example, Delaney explained his writing process.

“The questions you ask when you have a character is the things you learn in school, who, where, why, what, and how? So who is she, or he if it’s a he? Where does is she come from? Why is she dressed this way?”

Delaney explained story writing in a way the children would understand.

“A story needs three critical things. It needs a beginning. It needs a middle, and it needs an end,” he said. Delaney showed the audience different tactics for organizing story ideas like drawing out storyboards, writing ideas on notecards, or putting ideas on Trello.