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Oscar Ward Scholarship Presented

Irving—The Greater Irving Republican Club awarded its annual Oscar Ward Scholarship on June 7 to Martin Uribe, a 2021 graduate of Nimitz High School.

Uribe learned about the scholarship, which has been offered every year by the Club since 2010, through his Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) class at Nimitz.

“I feel like I want to become a biology teacher,” Uribe said. “Perhaps return to Nimitz and be one of the new biology teachers. I think my freshman year would have to be my favorite year of high school. My favorite class was my biology class for fifth period with Mrs. Cooper.”

He plans to go to Dallas College and then transfer somewhere like UNT Dallas.

The Oscar Ward scholarship received its name in 2014. It is named for former Greater Irving Republican Club president Oscar Ward, who is currently a member of the Irving City Council.