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Paws Colinas Park Welcomes City’s Dogs

Irving—The city of Irving and the Las Colinas Association presented a grand opening for the new dog park, Paws Colinas, located at 1300 California Crossing Road, on Saturday, June 19.

Scott Wilson, the director for common property for the Las Colinas Association, helped oversee the building of Paws Colinas.

“Several years ago, we found this property,” Wilson said. “It’s about eight and a half acres, and it’s on the Trinity River. After all the transit-oriented development along the transit line and all the multi-family was built along Lake Carolyn Boulevard, it just seemed like a good fit, because it seems like everybody in that apartment community has a horse-sized dog.”

“We are celebrating in a big way,” Candace Emerson, marketing and community relations director of the Las Colinas Association, said. “We have complimentary Pup-achinos and waffle sticks for the dogs, courtesy of Homegrown Hounds. We have CityVet out, and they have a cooling station with misting fans and dog pools. We have complimentary pup caricatures. The artist takes a photo, and then she creates the drawing.

“We have four dog pens open, two for small dogs, two for large dogs. But on a normal day we’ll only have one of each pen open at a time. We are also giving out swag bags full of dog treats. Just lots of fun things happening.”

The DFW Humane Society brought some adoptable dogs to the event, and the proceeds of a raffle went to help support the organization.

“It’s all about letting people know we’re out there, and there are always dogs that need homes,” Lynnette Beeler, volunteer for the DFW Humane Society, said. “If you’re looking for a furry friend or looking for a friend for your own dog, come on out there and meet them.”

Before the park opened, there were not any dog parks near the area. Dog owners were pleased with the trees and water stations in the park, which are important during a Texas summer.

Angela Fields brought her dog, Diamond, a terrier mix, to the park.

“We’ve been waiting for a dog park for a while,” Fields said. “We’ve been keeping up with the Irving news about the dog park, so when we first heard it was open, we were on it.”

Ronise Miller attended the event with her Catahoula dog, Wilson.

“[Wilson] loves running around and anything with dogs,” Miller said. “She’s loving it. We’re happy that it’s close to us, so we can come here after work, and relax, and she can have fun. This is what the community needed. Let the dogs play.”

Mary Mulvaney was at the park with her two young children and her black lab, Bosco.

“It’s beautiful, well-planned with lots of water stations, shady areas for both the owners and pets, fun for the kids, safe, secure,” Mulvaney said. “I think we’re going to be visiting frequently. [Bosco] loves the big areas to run. Seeing all the different breeds, kids, and adults. He’s having a great time.

“It’s really good to see these places pop up all over town. This is another great improvement the city of Irving has made to meet the needs of so many people coming into the Metroplex. Irving’s growing and booming. Lots of fun things are going on this area.”