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Symonds Flags Comes to Irving

Photo by Michael Castello

Irving—In Fort Worth since 1969, Symonds Flags & Poles recently relocated to Irving. The flag and flagpole manufacturer creates some of the largest flags in the world.

Symonds has twice constructed the world’s tallest flagpole: a 224-footer in Plano (1980), then a 232-foot pole in Birmingham, Alabama (1982). The 50’ by 100’ flags the poles flew were the world’s largest, flying American flags.

In 2003, Symonds constructed the tallest flag pole in the United States in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. That one towered at 338 feet and flew a 60’ by 120’ field of stars and stripes.

Locally, Symonds’ most known display is the 10 flags, five American, five Texas, that tower above Clay Cooley Auto Group. Those are 40’ by 30’ flying on poles 150 feet tall.

Located across from Cooley on the other side of Hwy 183, Symonds flies twin 130-foot poles of nine flags in ascending sizes of 3’ by 5’ up to 25’ by 38’.

“My grandfather was born in 1900 and thought ‘Everybody needs a flagpole,’” CEO Stephen Symonds said. That was 52 years ago.

“Our next-best selling flags [after American and Texas] are military flags. Air Force, Navy, Marines, Army. All of ‘em,” Christina Jolley said.