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Wellness Expo Offers Spiritual Aids, Advice

Irving—Whether you are hoping to speak with the dead or simply communicate better with your cat, the Wellness Expo presented at the Irving Convention Center, July 17–18, offered everything you need and more. Focused on metaphysical health, the expo offered aseveral lectures and guidance on a number of topics including past lives, numerology, connecting to the spirit world, spiritual physics and so much more.

“Wellness represents seeing the person as a whole person,” event co-producer Tony Cecala said. “The whole person is the body, mind and the spirit.Everybody has a different reason to be here, but they all work together. We focus onwhat we call a holistic approach, which means treating the person as a person, not as a symptom.”

Some people chose to focus on the great beyond.

“If someone’s interested in learning about psychic phenomenon or hearing from the people from the other side, we have psychic mediums doing talks,” Cecala said. “[They do]galleries where they’ll go around andconnect with everybody in the room who comes to the gallery and give them a message, maybe from a loved one who’s passed on.”

The expo providedlectures to help people focus on their mental and spiritual selves.

“When you transmute, you’re changing the form of something, the energy,” Michelle Welch said during her talk ‘Magical Messages for You.’ “This is science, energy, it’s thermodynamics.Getting the energy, never goes way away, it only changes form and there’s only a limited amount.”

Another talk given by Lydia Hiba centered on ‘Communicating with your Pets.’

“[One of] the most important things animals teach us is to live in the moment.Yesterday, today and tomorrow are all the same to them,” Hiba said during her talk. “The greatest gift they teach us is to take a moment.

“Some animals need a tremendous amount of time; those are the young souls. Then the old souls are like, ‘I will catch you in an hour. You’re fine. I’ll come check on you.’The time thing is really important.”

The attendees could receive tarot card readings.

“It was weirdly affirming,” Leila Saidane said. “I had this overwhelming clarity and comfort washed over me when they[were]pulling the cards.”

“It was interesting,” Samanda Reef said. “I kind of had some things confirmed, then some other things were kind of up in the air.”

Some vendors solddifferent types of stones, essential oils, candles, sage and other spiritual aids.

“My motto is all about positive vibes getting into your divine soul, and whatever I can provide to help do that,” Kayla Williams, vendorof Divine Soul Crystals,said.

Each stone or crystal has different meanings.

“We have a rose quartz which is really good for self-love,” Williams said. “Green aventurine for local prosperity. Amethyst is good to kind of de-stress and to also open up your third eye or strengthen your intuition.”

The stones could also help with your chakras, energy points in your body.

“Chakras are color based,” Williams said. “Like green will be for your heart, purples could be your third eye or your higher crown. Anything red, that is the root chakra.Anything color based, that’s like your best way to help balance your chakras.”