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Expo Informs Community of Health Options

Coppell—The Community Wellness Expo was held at the Coppell Arts Center on Saturday, Aug. 21. The expo featured several businesses that deal with different aspects of healthcare. After a hiatus last year because of COVID-19, the Coppell Chamber of Commerce partnered with the Coppell Farmers Market, and each event received visitors from the other.

“This [expo] is to promote Coppell’s health and wellness industry, because there are a lot of businesses residents aren’t aware of,” Ellie Braxton-Leveen, president and CEO of Coppell Chamber, said. “These businesses support the hospitals that serve the people around us. We promote them annually to give them an opportunity to meet people in the community.”

Tabitha Williams, who was shopping at the Farmers Market,came to see what was going on.

“I thought it was a part of the Farmers Market, so I came over. I’m glad I did,” Williams said. “It’s good to know what’s available in the community, so we don’t have to drive to different cities for certain things. I did learn about a few places that I didn’t know about. I even found a new pediatrician, and I really like the diversity here.”

There were 15-20 businesses represented at the expo, most from Coppell and Irving. There were chiropractors, self-defense and fitness businesses, and a massage company that provided free 10-minute massages.

“We came out to show people what we can offer them,” Stephen Walker, DDS, MS of Walker Periodontics and Implant Dentistry said. “It’s a health expo, and we’re in healthcare, so we figured it might be a good idea to come out. We are also Chamber members.

“One thing I really like is that a lot of people don’t realize what the city has to offer regarding health and wellness, which is really a big focus in society right now.

“We are here to promote dental health. The general public doesn’t realize their dental health is important, because it can affect your overall health. It does. We’ve had a few people that have been interested, taking some cards, and asking about some dental implants and things like that. It’s been good so far,” he said.

The Chamber of Commerce handed out tote bags, and the participating businesses filled them with giveaways as people visited their booths. Braxton-Leveen hopes the expo can go on as planned next year, but they are keeping up with COVID-19 mandates, which can change quickly.

“We don’t want people coming to a Health and Wellness Expo without complying with COVID mandates,” Braxton-Leveen said. “That would defeat the whole purpose.”