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Irving—The Irving Parks and Recreation Department hosted Laughs by the Lake at the Levy Event Plaza on Friday, Aug. 27.

“This is the second event [of the year] we’ll have at the Levy Plaza,” special event supervisor, Megan Gordon, said. “We have three comedians going on; Von Daniel and Jared Berger from The Comedy Arena, Derrick Cakley, and Rik Roberts as the head liner.Laughs by the Lake has been put on for a couple of years now, so it’s not necessarily a new event. We actually did a virtual version of this event last year.”

As COVID-19 is still something people are protecting themselves against, the Levy Plaza provides a lot of space to be safe.

“There’s a lot of space at the Levy Event Plaza, where families can kind of keep to themselves and enjoy the show if they would like to do that,” Gordon said.“It’s definitely a transitionary period, but ultimately, we’re hoping people do whatever they feel most comfortable with, and we’re here to provide them with that option.”

The event itself was wholesome and family friendly.

“I’m family friendly, so I got a lot of stories about my kids, my wife, my parents,”comedian Rik Roberts said. “I talk a little bit about what’s going on in the news, talk about the virus a bit, and release a little bit of stress.

“It really is about the laughs, because people in general have been pent up. The past year and a half,everybody has been at each other’s throats, but they haven’t been together to work anything out.It’s all been online, and everybody’s been arguing. For tonight, for inviting me at one place for one cause, it’s beautiful.”

The lake set the mood and made it more relaxing.

“The only thing that would be cooler is if we did a show where people pulled up on boats and gondolas and watched us from the water, and then we lit fireworks at the end,” Roberts said. “But I think it’s good if they get a little breeze off the lake, and it’s probably a couple degrees cooler.

“I like to connect with people and have them go ‘Oh man,that’s just like my dad’ or‘Well, that’s just like my kids.’I want to find the highest common denominator.”

Roberts was found on a dating site.

“A comedy dating site, the city of Irving liked my profile, and I liked them back,” Roberts said.

“We’re excited to have the venue back,” resident Kim Logan said. “I love the Levy Park.This is so nice. We walked over here with our grandbabies.

“Prior to COVID, there was always something going on.When they built this event plaza, I was like ‘It’s going to be so nice when things open back up.’I think it’s nice, because you can have your blanket, bring your own chairs, and then if you are like us and didn’t think about it, you have the tables and the picnic tables.”

The Plaza is now more accessible to those who live nearby.

“[Before] when you’re walking the ledge, you couldn’t easily get over here from the walking path but now you can, so it’s a great area,” resident Morgan Houston said.“We only saw the last guy [Roberts], but it was good. We wanted to come last year but [COVID happened], it was fun though.”

Along with the comedians there were multiple food trucks.

“We’ll have a couple of food trucks up; we have barbecue, we have an artist food truck, we have fried Oreos, and all that good carnival food as well,” Gordon said.