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SWE Wrestling Offers Fans Number of Experiences [PHOTOS]

Photo by John Starkey

Irving—Wrestling fans attended SWE Fury at the Irving Convention Centeron Saturday, August 28. The event offered “in your face Texas Style Wrestling” for fans, according toSWE Fury owner and president Lacey Von Erich. The event included a children’s camp, wrestling auditions for adults, autographs and meet and greet, and ended withSWE Fury wrestling. 

John Omari and Mike Anthony are part of the wrestling team event.

“You should expect family fun, adventure, and enjoyable entertainment,” Omari said. “There will be high flying, action-packed matches. There are women wrestlers, singles and teams, as well as some former WWE wrestlers and some up and coming wrestlers.

“We are the tag team champions, so the other guys are the ones hurting. But this is a sport, and it is physical. It is like watching a live action movie. It is explosive and will keep you on the edge of your seat.”
“I have wanted to do this since I was a kid,” Anthony said. “It is like being a superhero. Met the right people in the right place, and now I am living out my dream. We have been working together for thirteen years.” 

Nya Dye and her family came to the event to support her uncle.

“AJ is Action Jackson who will be at the event tonight,” Dye said. “There will be a lot of noise and a lot of energy. It is hard to explain how much fun this is.It is just pure entertainment. Be ready for a fun filled night. Once the talent gets in the ring, you will be so surprised at how much fun it is.
“The best part is they censor the show, so kids can attend and be entertained. Yes, they are wrestling but they make sure the kids are also seeing that strong work and dedication can get you a job like this. They do not curse or use slurs. They also have a kids camp, so kids can learn how to do this type of work some day.” 

Philip Sullivan is the lead ring crew for the event.

“We are running nine types of crazy and having a wrestling event,” Sullivan said. “The setup is a two or three day process. This company offers a variety of events with the childrens camp and the wrestling camp. It is great to find new stars, because there is so much training involved. This training includes learning how to fall, how to fight, what gear you need, and how to be safe.

“Our fans get bored quickly, and so this needs to be fast entertainment. Each match gets them energized, and you have to keep the show going. I really want people to come out to more SWE events. The owner is working so hard to make this the best company around. Von Erich cares about her fans and wants them to see some high quality entertainment.” 

“We are watching a great wrestling show,” Mike Vurden said. “Most is local talent, and it is old school wrestling with some extra panache. Because it is an independent show, they allow for more interaction. You get to interact with different wrestlers and that makes it so much more fun.

“The people who work here literally put their bodies on a line to entertain us. It is a cool way to spend a Saturday night. We get to live vicariously through these guys. It is amazing.” 

Five year old, Angel, and eight year old, Jan, participated in the childrens camp.

“I cannot believe I get to go into a wrestling ring,” Angel said. “We get to see Boogeyman even.”

“I think you do need to have big muscles,” Jan said. “It teaches you a lot of things about hard work. It also lets you learn that it is ok to lose. We just have to work hard as a team that is the most important part.” 

You can view photos from the event below:

Photos by John Starkey