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Irving—For about three hours on Saturday, Jan. 22, professional wrestling took center stage at Southern Junction Irving. A robust crowd of 687 experienced an entertaining, fun evening entitled Have a Nice Day, a nod to special guest Mick Foley, whose appearance kicked off a 10-match card for World Class Pro Wrestling.

Foley, who wrestled under the names Cactus Jack Manson, Mankind and Dude Love, was a huge fan favorite known as the “King of Hardcore” for his propensity to sacrifice his body with death-defying moves off the top rope or a steel cage just to get a pop or loud cheers from fans.

North Texas was where Foley, then wrestling as Cactus Jack, spent his formative years with World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW), a nationally televised organization based at the Dallas Sportatorium until folding in 1990.

Foley has great memories of his time in DFW and thanked the fans, who chanted “Foley, Foley, Foley” while being interviewed by former WCCW ring announcer and TV commentator Marc Lowrance.

Lowrance recently interviewed Foley at the Christmas Star Wars Event on Dec. 11, 2021, at Southern Junction Irving, an interview which went viral.

“I didn’t know it went viral,” Foley said. “We had so much to talk about and all the great times we had. I want to thank everyone for giving me a much needed shot in the arm [by] asking all the questions about what wrestling’s given to me. I appreciate it.

“One of the cool things about doing these shows is I get in my car and start driving. I see [former WCCW star] Eric Embry tonight, a man who meant so much to my career. In Little Rock, Arkansas, I saw Gorgeous Gary Young. We were a pretty good tag team in World Class Championship Wrestling managed by the late, great Skandor Akbar.”

Foley’s interview was then hijacked by wrestler Angel Camacho, who was facing Perry “Action” Jackson of Texarkana later that evening. However, Jackson, who wrestled alongside Foley in WCCW, came out to help his longtime friend, which did not go unnoticed by the evening’s guest of honor.

“Back in those days when I was struggling, [WCCW announcer and matchmaker] Frank Dusek said Cactus Jack, you’ve got the heart,” Foley said. “You’ve got the will. But if you want to improve, he told me to start watching one man, and that man is Perry Jackson.”

The spirited crowd was then treated to several matches, including a steel cage match between Moonshine Mantell and Jacob Fatu, Tim Storm and Charlie Haas, battling for the SWE Championship, and the OMGs battling the Dungeon of Doom, managed by legendary former wrestler, manager, and matchmaker Kevin Sullivan, for the World Class Tag Team Championship.

However, the moment of the night might have come in the match for the Diamond Division Championship when Myka Madrid defeated Marti Belle to capture the belt.

No matter who fans were rooting for, there were plenty of body slams, hard chest slaps, suplexes, at least one attempted piledriver, and ample aerial maneuvers off the top rope and action outside the ring.

The wrestlers themselves, whether they were faces (good guys) or heels (bad guys), did an outstanding job of interacting with the crowd and keeping them actively involved throughout the night.

Kyle Hawk was one of the wrestlers and after defeating Wayne Black, the Millennial Millionaire, in his match, commended the crowd and venue to helping them put on a great show.

“The crowd’s awesome. It’s alive,” Hawk said. “It’s very energetic. You can feel it. You can feel if they’re cheering you; you can feel it if they hate you. They’re all having good fun, which is what it’s about. It’s a good venue to have it at and I’m very thankful for it.”

During a short 10-minute intermission before the evening’s final four matches, fans had an opportunity to interact with the wrestlers by purchasing some merchandise, approaching them for a picture or a handshake, or maybe giving them a compliment, or talking a little smack.

The theme of the night was twofold: fun and gratitude. The crowd was grateful for such a great, family-friendly event on a cold winter night where they were thoroughly entertained for around three hours. The wrestlers were happy for the opportunity to do what they love in front of a great crowd, who they had plenty of interaction with.