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Survey Reveals Effects of COVID on Dating

San Francisco—WooDate, a company committed to helping people find, personalize, and book dates more easily, surveyed 1,000 people from ten U.S. cities to determine the pandemic’s effect on dating. The survey included all relationships: single (46 percent), living with partner (17 percent), married (34 percent), and unspecified (3 percent). The results suggest that COVID has had a negative effect on peoples’ dating lives, contributed to a decrease in dates, made it more difficult to plan dates, and changed the overall dating experience. 

Significant findings from the survey include:

55 percent of all respondents said their dating lives are worse than before the pandemic. As time passes with the presence of COVID, 55 percent of that group feel that their dating lives haven’t improved, 12 percent feel it hasn’t changed, and 33 percent feel it has gotten better.

People are going on 29 percent fewer dates per month. The average number of dates per month per individual fell from 4.26 dates pre-COVID to 3.02 last month.

64 percent find it harder to plan dates.

34 percent check ahead of time to find out if events or places have particular COVID rules and 23 percent check reviews for how well the place handles COVID safety.

32 percent spend more time researching hours and whether the place is still operational.

25 percent spend more time planning what to do for the dates.

24 percent found Google and Yelp hours less reliable and 21 percent have shown up to a place that is closed.

When asked about current feelings about going on dates and reflecting on recent date experiences:

32 percent are more willing to try new experiences and eat new foods.

28 percent feel less motivated to go out.

24 percent want to get out as much as possible to make up for lost time.

23 percent feel uneasy being out on a date with the thought of getting COVID.

23 percent are willing to spend more on dates since they had to stay indoors so long.

24 percent of single respondents take more time getting to know the person before going on a date.

19 percent of single respondents take an extra step to ask whether their date is vaccinated.

“The results confirm common beliefs that COVID has negatively impacted peoples’ dating lives and made it tougher to plan dates but has also highlighted a desire for people to get out and try new experiences,” Daniel Ferras, CEO of WooDate, said.

The survey was conducted online using the Pollfish platform from Dec. 14-21, 2021 among 1,000 U.S. adults ages 18 and older from Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, and Seattle. All respondents were screened as having planned at least one date in the past month. For additional information about the survey results, please contact press@woodate.co.