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Coppell to Upgrade Utility Billing System

Coppell—The city of Coppell is upgrading its utility billing system to better serve its customers. In early February, the city’s current utility billing system and online payment portal will be replaced with a system that is more sophisticated and configurable, reliable and automated, and will streamline some aspects of the payment process. As part of the conversion, the current online payment portal will be replaced with a new platform, the Citizen Self Service (CSS) portal.

While the conversion is underway, customers will temporarily be unable to pay their water bills online or through the secure kiosk outside of Coppell Town Center. The kiosk and online payment system will be disabled from Feb. 1-6. Customers will be unable to make payments online or through the kiosk until the new CSS portal goes live on Feb. 7. All payments made via check, phone or bank draft during this time will be held until processed on Feb. 7. The city of Coppell will not charge customers late payment penalties during this time. 

The Get to Know Your H2O portal will also be down on Feb. 4 for maintenance related to the upgrade.  

“We know the conversion to the new system causes some inconvenience for our customers,” Kim Tiehen, incoming director of the Finance Department, which includes the Utility Billing Division, said. “We know that taking down the kiosk and online payment system for an extended period may cause challenges for some of our customers, and we are more than willing to work with you.”

All customers who wish to pay utility bills online must register for an account on the new platform once it goes live on Feb. 7. Registration for the new system will not open until Feb. 7.

Utility account holders who do not wish to pay online are not required to register on the CSS portal. All of the city’s other utility payment options remain available to customers. However, all utility customers are encouraged to register for the new portal in order to take advantage of the new system’s benefits:

Increased Data security – The new system offers increased security for utility customers. With restricted system access and two factor authentication, the city has taken extra steps to ensure private information is secure.

Customer Empowerment – The CSS portal enables customers to maintain your own information and preferences. Customers will no longer need to contact city staff to update utility account contact information or billing preferences.

Enhanced Customer Service – With updated customer information, city staff is better equipped to contact customers in case of a leak or other emergency.

“We also know that it’s inconvenience to have to register for a new portal, even if there are benefits involved,” Tiehen said. “But we’ve made it as easy as possible with lots of resources and support options, and we’re hoping to ease any frustration by offering customers a discount for registering.”

To encourage utility customers to register for the CSS portal, the city of Coppell is offering an incentive: register for the new portal by April 1, and receive a $5 discount on your next water bill. This discount will be automatically applied to the customer’s next water bill. Customers may begin registering on the new portal when it goes live on Feb. 7. Customers must register before April 1 to qualify for the discount.

In addition to the $5 discount for signing up for the portal, customers can also receive a $5 discount for enrolling in automatic bank drafts. This discount will be automatically applied to your next water bill. Customers may begin enrolling in bank drafts when the system goes live on Feb. 7. Customers must enroll before April 1 to qualify for the discount.

For more information about the Citizen Self Service portal or to learn how to register once the portal goes live, visit coppelltx.gov/cssportal. 

SOURCE City of Coppell