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High School Hosts Seminar on Human Trafficking

Irving—Irving High School hosted a seminar dedicated to educating parents about the dangers of human trafficking and how to protect their teenagers. The event took place inside the high school’s cafeteria on Thursday, Jan. 27, and it was well attended by parents and students.

Sofia Galvan, the director of At Risk and Responsive Units in the Irving ISD, organized the event.

“January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month,” Galvan said. “I thought it was important to bring the topic to parents, especially since it’s happening in Irving.”

Galvan explained human trafficking is a major issue in Irving.

“I meet with the Irving Police Department, and they tell us it is happening in Irving,” Galvan said. “I see it on the news, and we’ve had a few cases of it in the past. We know some of our students have been victims.

“The parents are extremely engaged, and I am happy to see they even brought their children. It is good that children that age are listening to this as well, because the target age for traffickers to recruit kids is twelve. I’m glad to see our students are here as well.

“I know our parents need more education on these types of topics. This is something we don’t want to hear because of how scary it is. But the more we know, the more we can keep our students safe.”

Brittany McGowan, a national training specialist from the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center, was the event speaker.

“We wanted to bring awareness of child abuse and different topics when it comes to child abuse and treatment; when it comes to human trafficking and all the allegations of child abuse and how we can prevent it,” McGowan said. “We thought it would be a great opportunity to provide information and awareness to our families in Irving ISD. We are starting to see a lot of commercials or things that are in our media when it comes to awareness of trafficking, especially during the pandemic. We wanted to make sure our families knew what it would look like if they ever came across it.”

“I learned a lot from the seminar,” Jeffery Dorman, principal of Irving High School, said. “It’s essential we put measures in place to protect our kids and inform our parents and the community as relates to human trafficking and all of the things that are associated with it.”