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Irving Police Unveil Vehicles to Combat Road Rage

Photo by John Starkey

Irving—The Irving Police Department unveiled two new police vehicles specifically designed to assist the Aggressive Driving Enforcement Unit.

“Our aggressive driving enforcement unit is what we’re out here promoting today, and the specialized vehicles that are assigned to it,” Irving Police Department’s public information officer Robert Reeves said. “These vehicles are currently being driven by our traffic section.

“Our officers have not been assigned to this unit yet. We are waiting for our recruits to get out of the academy and supplement patrol, so those officers can then be transferred to the traffic section.

“Our motorcycle officers are working double duty. They’re sometimes driving on their motorcycles. They’re sometimes getting in this vehicle and doing targeted enforcement on persons who exhibit road rage, whether they’re cutting someone off, or slamming on their brakes, or driving too closely, trying to push someone into the ditch, waving a gun, or shooting at a vehicle. All of these are things we’ve seen happen in Irving. Fortunately, we have not had a murder around road rage, but that has occurred in the North Texas area.”

The Irving Police Department is one of many North Texas PDs who are participating in an Aggressive Driving Task Force.

“Our partners within the North Texas area have created a task force we happily participate in, those partners being Texas DPS, Dallas PD, Mesquite PD and Grand Prairie PD,” Reeves said. “We’ve all seen a rise in these types of instances in our city over the past 5 years. We decided to make a task force, allocate special resources and manpower, and have people come in on overtime on task force hours whenever we do aggressive driving enforcement.

“The cause of [increased road rage] is kind of up in the air. I don’t know if it’s the stress of people coming out of the pandemic financial crisis, but ultimately, we’ve always seen people deal with road rage incidences. Maybe people are in too much of a hurry and do not have that little extra bit of patience.

“We do ask that people be aware Irving police and North Texas cities are going to be enforcing this bad behavior in the hopes they will change their behavior, and we will reduce traffic fatality accidents, we will reduce these types of calls for service, and the roadways will be safer for all our families.”