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Lone Shooter Opens Fire in Hospital Emergency Room

Irving—The community was shaken by an officer-involved shooting at the Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Irving on the evening of June 29. The gunman, a 34-year-old African American man named Michael McPhail, went to the hospital for a medical reason at approximately 7 p.m. McPhail was in waiting in one of the emergency rooms when the incident occurred and was the only casualty. No one else was injured.
“At approximately 8 p.m. last night, there was a patient [McPhail] in the emergency room at Baylor Scott and White in Irving,” Officer Robert Reeves, a public information officer at Irving Police Dept said. “A nurse went to check on [McPhail], walked in and saw he had a handgun. This was alarming, because his behavior was very suspicious and unusual, and he hadn’t disclosed he possessed a firearm. She left the room and contacted Baylor police. Hospital staff also contacted an Irving Police officer that was present on campus for an unrelated traffic stop.
“The Baylor officer and the Irving officer went to [McPhail’s] room, and they started trying to communicate with him and investigate what happened in a place where weapons are prohibited. As they were talking to him, he fired off one round in the room. Irving police had already gotten on the radio and said there was a man with a gun at the hospital, so additional resources were heading to Baylor at that time.
“Shortly after that, at least three more officers showed up on scene. Those officers put on their plate carriers and grabbed their patrol rifles, which is standard operation. [Once McPhail shot at them], they returned fire to defend themselves and everybody else in the hospital. [The officers] subsequently killed the suspect.
“Nobody else in the hospital was injured. There were persons in the hospital hallway,” Reeves said. “There were persons in the rooms next to this room, but no one else was injured at this scene. We do have at least three officers involved in the shooting.
“This was never an active shooter situation. There were some calls to our 911 dispatch, because [people] heard shots being fired. There were reports it was an active shooter that was not the case.
“We also have seen a post where nurses are talking about being at the hospital in the room next door, and it really having a traumatic effect on them. We want to let everybody know if you are needing to speak to somebody, if you’re having issues or trouble from this incident, you can reach out free of charge to our Family Advocacy Center and talk to someone.
“[McPhail] does have a [criminal] history, but not with this kind of emergency. He was just there for a standard medical condition. It wasn’t anything mental health related. We can’t say why he was there because of HIPAA rules.
“Body worn camera footage is being reviewed, and investigators are working the case. [McPhail’s] history is at least more than one arrest in his given name, but [the charges were filed] where he’s from. From what we were told, he was currently living in the Irving area,” Reeves said.
Reeves said there were no indicators McPhail was trying to commit suicide.
“We appreciate the swift response of the Irving Police Department, who are still on site this evening. Patient care is continuing normally,” a Baylor Scott and White representative said during a press conference on June 29.