Candidates discuss run for city council

by Staff Report

Rambler Texas Media offered candidates running for the Irving and Coppell City Councils the opportunity to write 250 words to explain why they chose to run for city council and discuss the most pressing issue in their city.

The unedited responses received are below. If the information provided exceeded 250 words, the response was ended at 250 words. Any candidate not represented below chose not to respond to Rambler Texas Media’s offer.

Jesus Martinez – Irving City Council, Place 4

As an Army veteran who served on the Building and Standards Commission and has called Irving home for 15 years, I am committed to addressing the pressing issues facing our city and making meaningful progress towards a better future for all Irving’s residents. Here are some key areas where we are focusing my efforts:

1. **Infrastructure and Transportation**. We recognize the importance of investing in our city's infrastructure to ensure safe and efficient transportation for everyone. Your support will enable us to push for crucial upgrades to roads and bridges, enhancing quality of life for all.

2. **Neighborhood Revitalization**: Our focus extends to enhancing parks and recreational facilities, ensuring they serve as vibrant hubs for community engagement and leisure activities. Additionally, we recognize the importance of inclusivity and are committed to the creation of dog parks, providing spaces where our furry companions and their owners can enjoy safe and enriching experiences together. We aim to foster a sense of pride and belonging in our neighborhoods while promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for everyone.

3. **Public Safety**: We are committed to prioritizing the safety and security of our neighborhoods. Your support will empower us to work towards strengthening community policing efforts, implementing effective crime prevention programs, and addressing the underlying factors contributing to crime in our city.

4. **Business-Friendly Policies**. We are committed to creating a supportive environment for businesses to thrive. Our campaign will advocate for policies that streamline regulations, reduce barriers to entrepreneurship, and attract investment to our city.

Susan Motley – Irving City Council, Place 4

I am running to give back to the community that has given so much to me. My mission is to protect Irving’s people, places, and public resources and to speak up for those in south Irving who at times feel left behind by the decisions being made by the current City Council.

Three generations of my family have lived in Irving. I’ve lived here 35 years—20 of them in South Irving, where District 4 is. I first moved here in 1972. I went to elementary school at Brandenburg, junior high at Lamar, and graduated from Nimitz High School in 1988. I married, moved away for college and law school, and came back to raise my own kids here.

The four youngest of our five kids were raised here and graduated from MacArthur High School in the last 12 years.

For me, Irving has always been a community of opportunity—the place that gave me and my family a chance to reach for the American Dream. I want to ensure Irving continues to be that type of place for others across Irving, not just those in the more-frequently-developed places north of District 4.

Public safety is Irving’s most important issue and will remain so with continued increases in population. Fiscal responsibility is also important, which is why I am opposed to the current bond proposal for the new City Hall.

Want more info? Go to Vote for me, and let’s make Irving better, together.

David Plunkett -- Irving City Council, Place 4

Having been a resident of District 4 for a significant part of my life 35 years) and witnessing its growth and changes, I bring a unique perspective to the table. For the past 25 years, I have been operating a business in Irving. My professional journey includes a 13-year tenure as the Vice-President/Branch Manager for Guaranty Bank and 12 years as a financial advisor with Edward Jones. This extensive experience in finance, coupled with my deep understanding of the local community, would allow me to bring a diverse background and expertise currently underrepresented on the council.

Positions held:

Board of Directors Irving Lake Association for 2 years. President 1 year.

Current Vice Chairman – Constellation Club Board of Governors

Board of Trustees – Oak Grove Memorial Garden – 8 years

Campus Improvement Committee Irving ISD

Brandenburg Elementary – 4 years

Stipes Elementary – 4 years

Irving First Methodist Church

Finance Chairman – 3 years

Chairman of the Church Council – 3 years

Irving Arts Board grant committee – 2 years

Freddie Guerra – Coppell City Council, Place 5

I want to pave the way towards a future-ready Coppell to thrive in the face of evolving challenges and opportunities in the future which includes breathing new life into vacant storefronts to improve economic vitality, community imagine, and small business support while adding to our tax rolls.

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