Election Results

May 10, 2024

Cedar Hill, Coppell, Grand Prairie, Irving—Voters flocked to the polls to vote on city council seats, ISD board of trustees, and propositions on May 4.

There will be a runoff election for Irving’s Council District 4 between Luis Canosa and Susan Motely on June 15.

The May 4 Election’s Unofficial Results are as follows:


Irving Council Dist 4

Luis Canosa-752 votes, 17%

Susan Motley-595 votes, 13%

Darryl Plunkett-297 votes, 7%

Gustavo "Gus" Garcia-264 votes, 6%

Jesus Martinez-245 votes, 5%

David Gutierrez-107 votes, 2%

Precincts reporting 100%

Irving Council Dist 6

Albert Zapanta-1,258 votes, 28%

Khalid Khan-996 votes, 22%

Irving Council Pl 8 At-Large

Dennis Webb-5,485 votes, 65%

Khaleel Ahmed-2,944 votes, 35%

Irving Prop A

Against-6,160 votes, 73%

For-2,263 votes, 27%


City Council Place 5

Ramesh Premkumar-1,796 votes, 59%

Freddie Guerra-1,226 votes, 41%

Coppell ISD Pl 6

Nichole M Bentley-2,855 votes, 82%

Eneida Padro-641 votes, 18%

Cedar Hill

Council Member Place 1

Gerald Malone-2,146 votes, 64%

Shirley Daniels 1,186 votes, 36%

Council Member Place 4

Bertha Middlebrooks-1,491 votes, 44%

Chad A. McCurdy -1,864 votes, 56%

Cedar Hill ISD Pl 6

Ayanna Cabrera-Cook-1,750 votes, 53%

Jacquetta L. Haygood-1,547 votes, 47%

Cedar Hill ISD Pl 7

Lester E. Singleton-2,147 votes, 65%

Shomega Daniels-Austin-1,175 votes, 35%

Cedar Hill ISD Prop A

For-2,272 votes, 64%

Against-1,267 votes, 36%

Cedar Hill ISD Prop B

For-2,199 votes, 62%

Against-1,341 votes, 38%

Grand Prairie

Grand Prairie Council Dist 5

Tony Shotwell-361 votes, 63%

Eric J. Smith-122 votes, 21%

Carl "CJ" Ramirez-90 votes, 16%

Grand Prairie Council Dist 6

Kurt G. Johnson-1,273 votes, 54%

Michelle Madden-862 votes, 37%

Gerome Randle-201 votes, 9%

Grand Prairie Council Pl 8 At-Large

Steve "Junior" Ezeonu-3,945 votes, 62%

Angela Luckey-1,640 votes, 26%

Jordan A. Carter-817 votes, 13%.

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